Monday, April 20, 2009

Sickness and Emotions

Why Hello Brilliant Audience!!!

You may have wondered if I forgot about this ongoing story of Pine Ridge which I have been creating for nearly two years now.... but in fact- I haven't forgot at all! And to prove it, I'm posting pictures for you of our Senior Retreat!!! *Warning- the pictures make all the following text scrunched together. This was definitely not on purpose! :)

Senior Guys taking seriously the prayer walk at Devil's Tower

The whole senior class posing in front of a half-hazy Devil's Tower

Ryan and Richard showing off their rapid 'cup' skills at the retreat center

Mike devising a new plan to win a snow ball fight

The class working hard on the 'chair' competition: result? 40 students on 11 chairs!
Alright, those are a few of the great memories I will hold from our senior retreat. Ultimately it was a beautiful time (despite my undying wish for sunshine on each rainy day)... and the class really bonded, in addition to finding means of reconciliation and sharing gratitude amongst one another. I absolutely love retreats with the kids, and I realized that this will be my final retreat experience here at Red Cloud. I will miss this group of student terribly; I feel particularly close to them, since I've seen them grow in the last two years, and we will be leaving Red Cloud together. But, alas, despite the many emotions of sadness, I am mostly grateful for the opportunity to have interacted with this amazing group of 43 students. Oh, and I cannot forget how much I've enjoyed being with the faculty of Red Cloud as well! What a humor-filled work environment I've been blessed with!
I have to let you know that a part of the reason it's been awhile since I've posted is because I was gone for Easter, but also I have continued to fight this crazy illness that I've had for over 3 weeks now! I am self-diagnosing as having the flu for a week, and now the past two weeks I've had bronchitis. I seem to fit the descriptions and likelihood as described on webmd. Please don't tell me I need to go to the doctor, either, because I've heard that a million times, and really, I think it's most likely a virus, especially since it came after I had the flu. In any case, every day I wake up assuming I'll be better- so my spirits haven't broken yet!
Easter vacation was absolutely wonderful! I won't go into detail, since I realize it has not much to do with Pine Ridge (except for my prom shopping and making the sashes for prom royalty). :) But my time spent with family and friends and AJ was beautiful! :)
Now, after a chill weekend of trying to kick this bronchitis (drinking plenty of liquids, sleeping, cough drops, taking expectorants, ect.), I am trying my best to get everything ready for prom- but see, it's a bit tricky, since everything around here works 'last minute'- and I won't be around for 'last minute'- which means I have to rely on things getting done by Wednesday, since I'm leaving for my friend's wedding in Wisconsin in two days! First of all, that's incredibly exciting- to be able to meet up with my college friends again and such, but also I'm sad to be leaving for prom- moreso since I will be missing all the fun- (I'm not entirely sad to be missing the stress of the event). I do have people in place to cover my responsibilities, but the decorations are in question, since so many people are busy after-school. We shall see, it is the Junior's prom, after all, and we will see how they pull it off! :)
It's nearly lunch-time now, and I have to say... I am ready for this day to be done... especially since I'm getting antzy just waiting around for people to turn in permission slips for post-prom, to sign up their dates for the grand march, and getting nervous about all the decorations. But I cannot allow my concerns to override my sincere delight in being with these students. After all, I only have a little over a month left, and that's all that's left of this treasured experience.
Until the next tear-filled time I write (perhaps I'll include pictures people send me of prom)...


Amanda said...

Feel better soon Emily! And have a blast at Jody's wedding!

K. Sas said...

Hey. I'll be in Wisconsin this weekend too! crazy.
And after reading your post, I came to this conclusion: You should go see a doctor.